How to Unlock Read-Only PowerPoint File

Time Needed : 2 minutes

There are many reasons why a PowerPoint file protected with the read-only restriction. However, you can always edit the file by unlocking the protection. And for doing that, you don't need any password or a third-party app. Microsoft PowerPoint is in fact, allows you to modify the file even though you are not the author.

  1. To unlock the read-only file, just click on the Edit Anyway button. After that, you are free to edit the file without permission from the author.

  2. After finish the editing, go to the File menu.

  3. Select Info > Protect Presentation > Always Open Read-Only to dismiss the restriction entirely.

  4. Now, Save the file as the new PowerPoint format without protection.

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The guide above using 12 Months Gantt Chart with Flat Colors PowerPoint Template as the illustration. You can download this template for free.

Keep in mind that it best to save the file as a new separate file, so the original one will be preserved along with its read-only protection. Also, it’s advised to give a comment or note once you made some changes within the file so the author would notice your work.

You can make a PowerPoint file protected with read-only to prevent unintended changes. Check out this guide for more information.

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