10 Things You Can Do With Google Slides

Google Slides is an incredibly versatile online presentation software. While most people use it to create basic slide decks, Slides is capable of so much more. Here are 10 creative ways to use Google Slides that go beyond simple presentations.

1. Design Infographics

Infographics are a great way to present complex data visually. With Google Slides, you can easily create stunning infographics from scratch. Use charts, icons, images, and text boxes to showcase statistics and facts. Customize the look with different themes, layouts, and color schemes.

To get started, open a new Slides presentation. Search for and insert relevant icons and images. Add text boxes and charts to visualize data. Use containers like tables and alignment guides to organize everything neatly.

2. Build an Interactive Storybook

Google Slides is a simple yet powerful tool for crafting digital storybooks. You can add multimedia elements like gifs, images, videos, and even record audio narration. Insert clickable shapes to create an interactive experience.

Start with a storyboard template from the Slides homepage. Customize it by changing the art style, text font, and color theme. Bring your story to life with animations and transitions between slides. Add clickable hotspots for readers to uncover hidden surprises.

3. Design a Recipe Cookbook

For home cooks, use Slides to organize and share your personal recipes. Create a cookbook with recipe pages for appetizers, main courses, desserts, and more.

On each recipe slide, include sections for ingredients, instructions, cook time, serving size, and nutrition facts. Insert photos of the finished dish. Allow readers to click for a full-screen view. Use color-coded categories so readers can easily browse for certain types of recipes.

4. Build an Interactive Game

Escape rooms and choose-your-own-adventure stories are all the rage. With Google Slides, educators can design engaging games for the classroom.

Use linked slides and clickable shapes to let players choose their path through the game. Hide clues or Easter eggs for users to discover. Set up a point system with conditional formatting rules to keep score. Share the published link to turn any lesson into an adventure!

5. Create Comic Strips

Unleash your inner artist and use Slides as a comic creation tool. Craft multi-panel strips with original characters. Populate the scenes using Slides’ library of images and icons. Add speech and thought bubbles to bring the story to life.

Build a consistent style by designing character templates on the Master slide. Use shapes, stickers, and text boxes to illustrate each panel. Try applying artistic filters to images for added visual interest. Arrange completed strips on a storyboard for easy reading.

6. Design Wedding Invites

Planning a wedding? Save money by DIY-ing stationery with Google Slides. Craft save-the-dates, invitations, welcome bags, and signage.

Start with a wedding-themed template. Customize colors and fonts to match your style. Add your names, wedding details, maps, registries, and more. Print onto cardstock or fabric. Share digital invites by email or QR code.

7. Curate Photo Albums

Turn your camera roll into professional-looking albums using Slides. Import batches of images to create collages. Showcase vacations, special events, new babies, and more!

Embellish pages with frames, backgrounds, and stickers. Arrange pics into grids and add captions. Adjust image size, filters, and opacity to perfect the layout. Add transitions between pages for smooth scrolling. Print a physical album or share a digital PDF.

8. Design Worksheets

Teachers can ditch the copy machine by moving worksheets to Slides. Build interactive assignments with input fields, drag & drop activities, and self-grading quizzes.

Start with a pre-made template from the Slides homepage. Add text boxes for open responses and multiple choice questions. Insert images, charts, and shapes for engaging activities. Use conditional formatting to reveal correct answers. Allow students to download and print or submit assignments digitally.

9. Create a Vision Board

A vision board is a physical representation of your goals. With Slides, you can craft a digital vision board to manifest your dreams!

Collect inspirational quotes, affirmations, and pictures that reflect what you want to achieve. Arrange images and text onto a mood board template. Add your own photos too. Enable presenter view to use your vision board as a screensaver slideshow.

10. Design a Trivia Game

Hosting a party? Use Slides to build a custom trivia game to entertain your guests.

Come up with interesting questions that fit your theme or guests’ interests. Build a slide for each question: insert the question text, multiple choice answers, and space for a picture clue. Add fun transitions and celebratory animations for correct answers to up the excitement! Connect a laptop to the TV so everyone can play.

The possibilities are endless with Google Slides! Try out some of these creative ways to use Slides for work, school, or just for fun.