How to Add Watermark into PowerPoint

Adding a watermark into your PowerPoint presentations can help protect your intellectual property and brand your slides. A watermark is a semi-transparent image or text that appears behind the main content on your slides.

There are a few ways to add a watermark in PowerPoint:

Use the Slide Master

The easiest way to add a watermark across all slides is by using the Slide Master:

  • Open your PowerPoint presentation and click on View > Slide Master
  • Click Insert > Text Box (for text) or Insert > Picture (for image)
  • Type your text or insert your image
  • Resize and position the watermark as needed
  • Adjust transparency to make it semi-transparent
  • Click Close Master View to apply to all slides


  • Watermark automatically appears on every slide
  • Easy to update watermark later if needed


  • Can’t add different watermarks to individual slides

Add Watermark to Individual Slides

To have more control and add unique watermarks to different slides:

  • Open your presentation in Normal View
  • Select the slide(s) you want to add a watermark to
  • Insert a text box or image
  • Customize and position the watermark
  • Adjust transparency


  • Unique watermarks for different slides
  • More control over placement


  • Time consuming to add watermarks one by one
  • Need to manually update watermarks later

Tips for Effective Watermarks

Follow these tips for professional, non-distracting watermarks:

  • Use consistent font, size, color scheme
  • Make sure watermark is legible but subtle
  • Position carefully to avoid covering content
  • Use relevant images and text
  • Check how watermark looks with slide background
  • Test different transparency levels

Common Watermark Uses

Some common uses for watermarks in PowerPoint:

Draft Versions

  • Add “Draft” text watermark to indicate presentation is still being developed


  • Use company logo as image watermark to establish brand identity


  • Apply “Confidential” text or copyright images to sensitive slides


  • Include name, date, or copyright symbol to demonstrate ownership

Removing an Existing Watermark

To remove a watermark after adding it:

  • Go back to Slide Master View
  • Select and delete the watermark text box or image
  • Save and return to Normal View to remove from all slides

Or delete watermarks individually from slides as needed.

Adding watermarks in PowerPoint only takes a few clicks once you know the steps. Use watermarks strategically to brand, secure, and professionalize your next presentation.