How to Create a Double-Page Spread in WPS Office PowerPoint

WPS Office PowerPoint allows you to create professional presentations with features like animations, transitions, themes, and more. One useful feature is the ability to create a double-page spread for handouts. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create a double-page spread in WPS Office PowerPoint.

What is a Double-Page Spread?

A double-page spread refers to content that spans across two facing pages. For presentations, this is useful when printing slides as handouts. The double-page spread allows you to print two slides per page, making the handouts more compact and convenient for your audience.

Why Use a Double-Page Spread?

Here are some of the benefits of using a double-page spread in your PowerPoint handouts:

  • Saves paper by fitting more slides per page
  • Prevents content from being split onto separate pages
  • Creates a booklet-style handout that’s easy to follow
  • Provides more space for slide content than a single page
  • Enables you to add headers, footers, and page numbers

Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these simple steps to create a double-page spread in WPS Presentation:

1. Open Handout Master View

Go to the View tab and click the Handout Master button. This will open the handout master layout.

2. Set Two Slides Per Page

In the handout master, go to the Slides Per Page dropdown and select 2 Slides. This will set two slides per page.

3. Customize Headers and Footers

If desired, you can add headers, footers, date, time, slide numbers using the options in the handout master.

4. Save and Close

Click Close Master View when you finish customizing. This will save the changes.

5. Print Handouts

Finally, go to File > Print to open print options. Under Settings, choose Handouts for Print What and set Slides Per Page to 2. Click Print.

Additional Tips

  • Use page setup options to change handout page orientation and paper size
  • Add design elements like lines, shapes, and images
  • Use color schemes and slide backgrounds
  • Customize the layout with columns, text boxes, and more


With just a few clicks, you can create professional double-page spread handouts in WPS Presentation. This handy feature saves paper, keeps related content together, and makes for easy reading. Combine it with other customizations for appealing, functional handouts.

WPS Office is a free, feature-rich alternative to Microsoft Office that enables you to work seamlessly across devices. With versatile tools like WPS Presentation, you can build captivating slides and handouts to elevate your next presentation.