How to Flip Image in PowerPoint

Time Needed : 1 minutes


You literally don't need a photo editor software just to flip an image. Microsoft PowerPoint comes with some useful abilities for your images, and one of them is a flipping image or sometimes called a “mirror”. Here is how to flip an image in PowerPoint easily.

  1. Insert and select the image you want to flip.

  2. Go to the Format menu.

  3. Click on Rotate, and select either Flip Vertical or Flip Horizontal.

  4. The image is now mirrored.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • An image

You can also flip the image multiple times. For example, flip it horizontally and then vertically. The image will appear flipped on both sides compared to its original form. A photo that contains text or specific direction should not be flipped. Otherwise, it would confuse your audience.


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