Idea Fusion Venn Diagram PowerPoint Template

Free [page_title] – It’s not usual Venn diagram you used to know at school. Instead of using a circle, I combined two light bulb while one of them overlayed another, so there are some spaces in between. In this template, I implement two color options; red-blue and yellow-green. Also, some fancy animations would create a more impressive effect.

This PowerPoint template is perfect for showing Venn diagram, especially about colliding two ideas and resulting in one unique notion.


  • Unique light bulb style
  • Two color scheme options
  • Fully animated
  • Made using Shape tool


Slide 2
Font* Open Sans
Animation Yes
Editable Yes
Aspect Ratio Standard 4:3
Format PPTX
Created using Microsoft PowerPoint 365
License CC BY 4.0 (free with attribution)
Author Vegaslide

*We do not include font file inside the template.

Protected under CC-BY 4.0 — You must keep the credit when using this template.

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