Method to Remove Background in Google Slides

Removing the background from an image in Google Slides is an easy way to create more visually appealing and professional presentations. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to remove image backgrounds in Google Slides using different methods.

Remove Background Using Google Slides

Google Slides has a built-in feature that allows you to remove backgrounds from images right within the app. Here are the steps:

  1. Open Google Slides and upload the image you want to edit
  2. Click on the image to select it
  3. In the toolbar at the top, click Format > Adjustments
  4. Under “Image Options” adjust the Transparency slider to remove the background
  • Move the slider to the right to increase transparency
  • Move to 100% to completely remove the background
  1. Optionally crop the image or make other adjustments
  2. Click Done when finished

By adjusting transparency, you can partially or fully remove the background of any image in Google Slides.

Remove Background by Cutting the Image

You can also remove backgrounds by cutting out the subject from the image:

  1. Insert image into Google Slides
  2. Click the image to select it
  3. Go to Edit > Cut to cut out the image
  4. On a new slide, paste the image
  • The background will be removed
  1. Optionally adjust transparency to fine-tune

This method allows you to completely cut out the background and isolate the main subject.

Use a Third-Party Online Tool

There are many free online tools that make removing backgrounds easy:

The process is simple:

  1. Upload image to the tool
  2. Download the image with transparent background
  3. Insert into Google Slides

These tools utilize AI to automatically detect and remove backgrounds with one click. Much faster than manually removing!

Tips for Best Results

Follow these tips when removing backgrounds in Google Slides:

  • Use high-quality images with good contrast between subject and background
  • Remove complicated textures and patterns if possible
  • Adjust transparency slider slowly for precision
  • Use eraser tool to clean up edges
  • Zoom in for details
  • Save transparent images as PNG

Benefits of Background Removal

Removing image backgrounds in Google Slides provides many benefits:

  • Focus attention – Eliminates visual distractions so viewers focus on main subject
  • Consistency – Creates cohesive look when using multiple images
  • Layering – Allows overlaying images and text
  • Reusability – Transparent images can be used in other designs
  • Professionalism – Elevates overall presentation quality

In just a few clicks, you can take your Google Slides from basic to spectacular by removing image backgrounds. Use the quick methods outlined above to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about removing backgrounds in Google Slides:

What file type should I use for transparent images?

Save transparent images exported from Google Slides as PNG files. The PNG format supports transparency. JPG files will show a solid background color.

What’s the easiest way to remove backgrounds?

The quickest and easiest way is to use a free online background remover tool. and Background Burner work automatically with no effort required from you.

How can I remove backgrounds on mobile?

On your iPhone or Android phone, you can remove backgrounds using’s mobile site before uploading images to Google Slides. Background Burner also has a mobile app.

What if Google Slides removes part of my foreground when adjusting transparency?

Use the eraser tool to manually clean up any parts of the foreground that get removed. Zoom way in and slowly erase unwanted transparent patches.

Why isn’t my text or shape showing when layered over a transparent image?

Make sure any elements layered on top of a transparent background have their own background color. Transparent elements will blend into the transparent image below them.


Removing distracting backgrounds from images is an impactful design trick that can vastly improve the quality of your Google Slides presentations.

The techniques covered in this guide should provide you with all the knowledge needed to quickly and easily delete backgrounds right within Google Slides using the built-in adjustment tools.

If you require more advanced background removal capabilities, free solutions like and Background Burner make it painless to generate transparent images to import into your presentations.

By taking advantage of these easy methods for removing backgrounds, you can create professional, visually compelling Google Slides presentations that look like they required much more design effort than they actually did.

So boost your presentations to the next level by erasing messy backgrounds from your images! Just follow the simple steps outlined above.