How to Insert Multiple Pictures in One PowerPoint Slide

Time Needed : 2 minutes


Microsoft PowerPoint supports media files including photos and videos. You can put multiple images inside a single slide easily using the Insert menu. Here is how to import multiple pictures in one PowerPoint slide so the audience can see them at once.

  1. Launch PowerPoint and select which slide you want to insert the images.

  2. Go to the Insert menu.

  3. Click on Pictures.

  4. Press CTRL while clicking on each image you want to import, then click Insert.

  5. You should see a display like this. All images have been imported.

  6. You can move, resize, and rotate each image individually so it would fit inside the slide.

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The template used for this guide is Animated SWOT with Smooth Colors PowerPoint Template. You can download and use it for free.

So, that’s how to insert multiple images within a single slide in PowerPoint. If there is anything confuses you, don’t hesitate to ask a question! Thank you.


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