PowerPoint 2000: Creating a Master Slide

  • A master slide contains default formatting, background, and items that you want repeated on every slide, like a company logo. It serves as a blueprint or template for all the slides in your presentation.

How to create/access the master slide

  • Go to View > Master > Slide Master to open the master slide view and edit the slide master.
  • You can also edit the Title Master specifically which will affect only the title slide.

What you can customize on the master slide

  • Background color/design
  • Fonts, font sizes, font colors that will be the defaults
  • Add repeating background elements like logos
  • Bullets and numbering format
  • Slide layouts – the positioning/size of placeholders

Tips for working with master slides

  • Start customizing the background first, then choose complementary font colors
  • Use the zoom control if you need to work with small text boxes
  • Keep text color consistent across title and body text
  • Don’t overload the master with too many visual elements
  • Delete slide layouts you don’t need

Saving slides with master slide formatting

  • If saving slides with new master slide formatting in PowerPoint 2007 format, the animations and transitions may not be retained. Best to use the PowerPoint 97-2003 format.

Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions!